Working with a Cordless Impact Wrench: Safety Guidelines

An impact wrench is a power tool used to loose and tighten nuts and bolts. There are basically two types of impact wrenches based on the source of power that generates the torque.

Air-powered impact wrenches and electric impact wrenches. Electric impact wrenches can further be divided into two types; corded and cordless electric impact wrenches.

A corded electric impact wrench requires the tool to be plugged to an electric power source before it can be used. A cordless electric impact wrench is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion or nickel Cadmium battery.

These tools generate a high torque and like every other tool, there are guidelines to follow when using them to ensure the safety of the user and the well-being of the tool itself.

  • Before you begin working with your cordless impact wrench, it is important to go through the instruction manual thoroughly to understand all the requirements, warnings and advice therein.
  • Before commencing work with your tool, it is wise to analyze your work area and surrounding so as to inform your choice of accessories. Safety goggles, gloves, face mask and/or respirator are some of the accessories you should wear when on the job. They do not only protect you but also enhance your comfort when working. A good pair of gloves will reduce the impact of the vibrations from your power tool.
  • Endeavor to wear the appropriate clothing when working with your cordless impact wrench. Flowing garments, flowing hair and jewelry should be kept out of the way to prevent accident.
  • Impact wrenches make use of sockets and bits. There are regular sockets and impact wrench sockets. Endeavor to use the correct accessories that are compatible with your impact wrench. Regular sockets are too fragile to withstand the high torque generated by the impact wrench and may shatter during usage and cause accidents and lead to injury.
  • Always inspect your cordless impact wrench and the accessories for signs of damage. This will reduce the risk of accidents and injury.
  • Conduct a quick survey of your work area for concealed gas lines or pipes, fuel lines and leakages to prevent accidents. Cordless impact wrenches may produce tiny sparks which might lead to an explosion. There are two types of motors used in cordless impact wrenches; brushed and brushless motors. In brushed motors, the internal components in the motor come in contact with themselves, this might lead to sparks. In brushless motors, the components don’t come in contact; sparks are probably never experienced in these types of motors. Cordless impact wrenches with brushless motors are more durable and safer to use in hazardous environments.
  • Never force your tool for tasks that are too complex. Always maintain a firm grip on your tool when using it and always apply the right amount of torque to avoid over-tightening and damage. Endeavor to always turn off the cordless impact wrench when not in use and when changing sockets and other accessories to avoid injury.
  • Keep your cordless impact wrench away from the rain and direct sunlight. Do not use your tool in the rain and if this is unavoidable, take special precautions to protect yourself and your tool.

Do you know how to apply Pomade?

There is no difference when it comes to applying the product whether it is oil-based or water base the method is the same but it’s always advisable to start with a small amount. Your fingers do a great job when it comes to Pomade. Run your fingers through your hair where you want the Pomade. Again decide what strength you want for your hair. Sometimes it depends with the hair or the end results you want to achieve.

How to wash Pomade

This all depends as to which Pomade you have been using and besides, everyone has their own preference. Let’s start with water base Pomade. You only require warm water to wash this one but it’s not wrong to put shampoo. Always put conditioner after washing your hair it is the right thing to do for your hair care. Now let’s get to the oil based Pomade, can I get your full attention with this one because there are so many myths around this Pomade? To wash the oil based Pomade you need to use a degreasing shampoo, other people prefer the dish wash detergent because they say shampoo may not be strong enough to remove the grease on the hair, anyway. The other popular option is to put the cooking olive oil before putting shampoo; olive oil will encourage the Pomade to melt. Now rub the oil on your hair making sure that it’s absorbed. It’s entirely up to you if you apply it on dry or damp hair.

Provide your hair with a good taste

This one is for people who are Pomade lovers, maybe you have asking yourself why all of a sudden your skin is reacting badly. Well Pomade might be the cause, so this means you should avoid using Pomade on a daily basis to style your hair. If you use Pomade too much you are likely to block the pores on your scalp and forehead causing them to break out. Now listen carefully this is a condition called Pomade acne. It is not a disease people. Avoid putting Pomade in your eyes or mouth; make sure that you get dressed before putting Pomade to avoid the risk of getting into your clothes. Visit for more details about pomade for men.

Membranes in Water Purifiers

3flu7q0v378tctsdbenu-sThe need for pure drinking water around the world has made water purifiers almost a necessity for homes and communities. There are different best water purifiers in India and they all make use of different purification technologies for the filtration process. The reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and Nano-filtration purifiers all make use of membranes to remove particles and contaminants from water to make it safe for drinking.

So what is a membrane?

A membrane is a thin sheet of synthetic material which has very fine pores. The types of membrane used to purify water are classified according the pore sizes of the membrane.

RO Semipermeable Membrane (RO)

The size of RO membranes pores are the smallest of all the membranes. They range from 0.0001-0.001 microns. It is by far the finest purification material available. The pores are so small that they are only capable of letting water molecules pass through. All other particles, dissolved salts and metallic ions are held back on the other side of the membrane. The pores are so small that a significant amount of water pressure is required to force filtration.

Microfiltration Membrane (MF)

These membranes have average pore size of between 0.05-5 microns. It has the largest pores of all the membrane types. They are good for removing particles and bacteria in water but finer contaminants will pass through them.

Ultrafiltration Membrane (UF)

The UV membrane has a pore size of 0.1 to 0.01. This membrane removes viruses and bacteria from water. The pores are larger so they do not require additional water pressure to operate.

Nano-Filtration Membrane (NF)

Nano-filtration membranes have pore size range of 0.001-0.01 microns. NF membranes are capable of removing divalent calcium salt from water, thus ideal for water softening. It is also capable of removing heavy metals, germs, bacteria and viruses from water.

Membranes have proven themselves to be the best media for water filtration. It is essential to know the nature of your water source before opting for any membrane-based purifier. To purify river water, an RO membrane is not necessary because there are no salts in it. Therefore, a UF filter can be used. RO purifiers consume a lot of energy and constitute wastage.

When there are salts in the water, the RO membrane is necessary in such cases because they are capable of removing dissolved salts from water, delivering pure, healthy water that is safe for human consumption.

The importance of appropriate nursing shoes

Nurses have to work in a very challenging and demanding health care sector, they need good nursing shoes so they can deliver their full potential to their patients.  Every single day the have to walk on hard floors running from one place to another, constantly on the go, some could actually spend their entire life logging miles walked enough for many marathons.  Nursing staff members have to spend numerous hours on their feet, taking care of their feet needs to be top priority.  Foot pain can easily lead to other serious issues.

Walking constantly on your feet can be conducive to pain or discomfort, especially if nurses don’t wear the appropriate footwear that can absorb all the pressure.  Just like athletes need special sneakers to perform to their best abilities, nurses need to have the right nursing shoes as well.  Nursing staff members need to perform in situations of life or death compared to athletes who deliver mere entertainment.  Therefore, one can easily figure out why it’s so crucial that our health care providers get all the right tools in order to become the best caregivers possible.

Most folks overlook the physical demands of the nursing profession.  Nurses truly are taken for granted as more attention appears placed on doctors or surgeons in general.  However, you will find the heart of the healthcare profession lies in the nurses.  They are the ones that work so hard to provide devoted care and attention to suffering patients.  It’s important for nurses to wear the right nursing shoes so they can be relaxed and happier in their care giving role as opposed to experiencing foot pain or discomfort.  Wearing the right shoes that suits the facility becomes less about style but about overall comfort.  However, you will find good looking nurses shoes that are comfortable and practical, but also look rather stylish too.  Choosing the right shoes for your needs requires making the best decision for footwear that deliver a combination of high performance, stability and overall comfort.  Professional shoes should enable the health care professional to unleash their full potential.

Professional nurses shoes are available in all types and colors.  You can opt for more traditional shoes or you can check out the medical clogs.  Whatever style you decide on, you can find well constructed nursing shoes that will offer great protection for your feet and posture.  The popular options for nursing footwear include Dansko nursing shoes. These are all wonderful choices for health care professionals.

The right nursing shoes deliver ample support made of superior quality for durability.  Even better, the nursing shoes are affordable and won’t blow a huge hole in your budget.  When you wear the right shoes that distribute the weight of being on your feet all day long, it makes a significant difference to your mood and attitude when doing your job.  The correct footwear becomes less an expense, but more an investment into your overall well-being and happiness on the job.